What is minimal?

Minimal is a browser extension to experience a minimal, less attention grabbing internet experience. Internet should be a tool, not a trap.

Minimal is driven by core values:

  • Users must actively make choices by themselves.
  • Users should easily find the content they are searching for on a page, not the content a platform wants them to see.
  • Service providers can convince users to use their platform, but only through their services' inner quality.

This extension is being developed for the greater good, it is a free and open-source software, you can check its code and contribute on gitlab.

To get a complete list of the changes made to the user experience by the minimal browser extension, check the CHANGES file. Those changes are following minimal's manifesto.

You can get minimal for Firefox on Firefox Add-ons.

There is an experimental version for chrome on the chrome web store but it is not offically supported.

Designers, developers (and beginers)

Thank you for your interest.

Join the discussion about minimal and our projects on AUPYA's discord server.

If you have some skills in web-development, come and solve some issues to improve minimal.

If you are a beginer, try and solve some issues as an exercise.

If you have ideas about what a common website should look like or act like for it to be minimal, please, add your ideas here. Please, try to follow minimal's manifesto.

Get more information and begin to contribute on gitlab.

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For support inquiries, the best way to get your issue solved is to create a ticket here, or to send an email here. For other questions or requests, you can contact AUPYA, the organisation managing minimal, by e-mail.